Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Out Framing

By Scott Jansen, Conversational Hypnosis Academy. 

So how can hypnotherapy work for weight loss ? What does a great hypnotist do when conducting hypnotherapy for weight loss Out Framing ? 
Like any hypnosis session, key factors need to be considered before even beginning your intervention. But with hypnotherapy for weight loss, things take a backwards approach in order for complete success.
Hypnotherapy for weight loss, either for yourself or for treating clients has some inherent mindset issues that must be addressed in order to create client success.
Mindset issues in general,meaning what a client thinks about in the context of the session outline can be the biggest hurdle to overcome.
But if a great hypnotist clears these premature understandings first, success is sure to come.
Mindset issues with certain hypnotic contexts. ( what a client thinks )
As an example. Smoking has very common mindset issues such as “Will I put on weight if I quit smoking” ? or “Will I still get cravings after the session” ? etc.
These being the most common questions a hypnotherapist will get asked, and as the hypnotist, they must be addressed correctly.
Look at these questions and more, as mindset issues.
If these mindset issues are not correct first, they will be the resistance you will find later, even if your session was amazing.
When it comes to weight loss for hypnotherapy, the questions or mindset issues may not be the same, but universal experiences exist.
Think about it for yourself.
We know that in order to lose weight ( in most cases ) we need to eat better and move more.
And although obvious the execution is always shrouded with confusion due to the millions of different diets, supplements, training methods and weight loss fads out in the market.
So noting this, being a hypnotherapist we can be up against a lifetime of exposure to these fads.
So it is important that we take a different stance. To assist clients with something different so they can benefit BEFORE they plan out their best diet or training routine.
And the key is “BEFORE“
What is it that a hypnotherapist can do for a client if a client already knows they should eat better and move more ?
Why is it with so much valuable research into losing weight, many people suffer and never achieve their desired weight ?
With personal training, delivered nutritious food and FREE information become commonplace. Where does the issue exist ?
Using Hypnotherapy for weight loss has its power in the frame of the session we conduct.
Meaning right from the get go, we must frame a session perfectly to have our clients understand exactly what we do as the hypnotherapist.
Now to point out the obvious again. These mindset issues are more commonplace than you think. 
  • Clients may think that after your session, they can jump on the scales and see a difference in weight.
  • Clients may think that they ONLY have to see you and the weight will fall off.
  • Clients may think that after they kill the cravings of bad food, that they are set for life.
As a hypnotherapist, our first initial contact is to let our clients know what the sessions are all about. And by out framing these thoughts up front, we are off to a great start.
Weight loss framing : ( As the hypnotist )
  1. Our job is to CLEAR the blocks that MAKE sticking to a diet or training regime hard.
  2. To uncover the motivation that will get you up in the a.m to go to the gym or go for a run.
  3. To Unstick the mindset that weight loss is hard, or eating healthy food is boring.
  4. To block outside stimulus that may cause relapse ( cravings etc ).
  5. And more
This initial portion of your interaction can be added perfectly to your priming stage. 
This is the stage where we set up the session. 
This session framing, lets a client know up front what we do, and what we don’t do. 
If these thoughts are not rectified and a client truly believes that after they see us that stubborn 20kg will just melt off, we are running up against a brick wall. 
Consider using these frames for your smoking clients also. If your client thinks they will put on weight after they quit we need to out frame this. 
Once a client congruently understands our role and theirs, any hypnotic rouitine fits perfectly. 
Just like we have stated over and over again. Your set up of the session ( clearning old thoughts and premature understandings ) creates a clean slate.
No matter how good your hypnotic power is. It is of know use if everything you do gets mixed up with old useless failures.
Having a clear mind when outframing the old, puts you in a posisition to give your client the best shot at long lasting results.


About the Author:

Scott Jansen

Conversational Hypnosis Academy





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